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Updates for June 2014

New Thrillbent Comic Archive page and a preview of Bluejay and The RUSH #1.

IsoWeb, Published on Jun 23, 2014
I was a bit over zealous with creating the archive page. This statement I wrote, "I have created an archive page of all the comics I have embedded on this site," kinds of defeats the purpose of the subscription model so I have taken it down. The content on Thrillbent is great and if you can spare $3.99 a month you should definitely subscribe. Thanks for all who have been reading the comics and thanks to Mark Waid and John Rogers for creating such a great site.

I will be producing more Dr.Nod Orbit strips and The RUSH Parallels web comic as soon as I'm finish with Bluejay and The RUSH book.

Posted: June 5, 2014
Thrillbent version 3.0 is moving into a subscription model similar to Netflix. You pay $3.99/month, the price of a printed comic book, to have access to all of the content. The reason for this move is to help pay the creators that are involved in producing all of the fantastic content on the site. Thrillbent is still allowing their content to be embedded on other site and will continuing to offer most of their new content as free to read but you will have to have a superscription to access back issues.

Since I follow a few of these comics and don't want to burden those who have been reading them on, I have created an archive page of all the comics I have embedded on this site. Going forward I don't plan on adding new Thrillbent comics because it is already a lot of work maintain the ones I follow and to get folks to go visit Thrillbent and see what new comics they have on their site.

On to the updates:

Albert the Alien

It's opening night at Heston Middle School. See who is out on the red carpet.

Albert the Alien Chapter 10 part 1

Who would want to mess up the show? Is there a scene stealer in the class?

Albert the Alien Chapter 10 part 2

This week the epic scene starring, Albert the Alien and Wally? What could possible be go wrong with the scene? You have to read this week's issue to find out.

Albert the Alien Chapter 10 part 3

The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood

Finally a diagnosis for Junior's condition. Is there finally some good news for Charlie and his family?

Damnation of Charlie Wormwood Vol 2 Chapter 4

Charlie is determine to get his father's money back from Terri Sue, his stepmother. But will she comply or will there be other things to deal with?

Damnation of Charlie Wormwood Vol 2 Chapter 5

This week of Charlie Wormwood is just crazy. The fallout of what happen last week is only just becoming apparent. The week's DoCW is not for those with a weak stomach.

Damnation of Charlie Wormwood Vol 2 Chapter 6

The Endling

A deep conversation between Amber and Zauis. Why did he choose her? Why did he know she would help him?

The Endling Vol 2 Chapter 18

Who is The Primogenitor? The possible answer is to this question will surprise you in this week's Endling.

The Endling Vol 2 Chapter 19


Valentine is in world of creatures of legend, but why is he so unhappy? Read this week's Valentine and see. Also watch out for stray dragons.

Valentine Chapter 27

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