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Why you need Editors!

July is over but I want to post some news of what occurred during the month.

IsoRod, Published on Nov 09, 2014

Late July after finishing the lettering of Bluejay and The RUSH #1, I created a final draft PDF of the book for editing. This is after spending three days of self editing dialogue and catching what mistakes I could on my own. The final draft was edited by site contributors DC, RJE, Patricia Jefferies author of the children's book The Flyers and The Crawlers(see the review here.) and The Legend of Will Power creator, Vince White. What is really remarkable is these are the three people I thanked in Thank You Section of the inside cover of the book (besides my wife who was first) and they were the guys who came through with the edits.

There were many issue that were caught missing words, misspelling, improving the narrative and final panel design. I will be concentrating on the final issue in the this post. Fixed a panel based on feedback from the editing process. In the first image you see Bluejay landing behind the 2 young men. Followed by a panel of Bluejay strike one of them from the front.

This is a very confusing panel because there is no explanation of how Bluejay got in front of the young man, I realized it when I started lettering the book and while editing DC brought to my attention again. At first I was going to leave but decide to fix the panel in the second image with Bluejay striking the young man from behind. Also the sound effects were added as part of the lettering instead of the artwork, which was an improvement. I like the second image much better and it's more logically narrative.

After the change Vince commented, "Nice catch! Flows better and you can really tell who hit who!" This was great help from people who I respect and have guided me on my creative endeavor to create this comic book. The final errors that were caught by Patricia was the misspelling of 'financial' in the introduction text in the inside cover and the misspelling of the word 'Ignition' on the title page of the book.

These were the final errors that almost made into the book so these were very big catches. So no matter how many times you may look over your work, a fresh set of eyes is priceless.

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