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Surprises of 2014

The year the was full of many surprises were comic related. Check them out.

IsoRod, Published on Dec 31, 2014
This is being written a lot later than I would of like but here are the big surprises of 2014 for me anyway. What were some of the new or events that surprised you in the world of movies, comics or speculative fiction? Please leave yours in the comment section below.

Comic Cinematic Universes

DC announced it plans for its cinematic universe, Which will feature movies for Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, Green, two Justice League films and more.

Not to be out done Marvel announced it next slate of films feturing, Doctor Strange, Capatin Mavrel, Black Panther, The Inhumans, two Avengers film and many more continuing franchises.
[Update: Feb 11, 2015]
Spider-Man is Coming to the MCU. Spidey will appear in the Captain America 3: Civil War and then in his on solo movie.

Independents creators making moves

Cool developments comic out of the indie creators and creators of colors. The team at The Operative Network are planning on release multiple projects from comics to an ambitious and amazing animated series call T.A.S.K.

Alexander Fernandez's live action web series Body Jumpers is taking off in a big way. With over 10,000 and counting on theirFacebook page, comic books for their character and wide distribution in the After Hours HD Channel on the Xbox, Amazon Fire HD and Roku TV.

Jiba Molei Anderson's Groit Enterprises and his Afrosoul Chronicles blog also its pulse on the market. Groit Enterprises as a publisher has a great wealth of properties, these stories are presented form a point of view that is rarely covered by mainstream comic companies. The Afrosoul Chronicles provides insight and inspiration for indie creators and creators of color. Check out the links a lot of moves are being made in the indie space so keep your eye open folks.

Marvel comics changes and possible reboot?

Marvel comics universe is very event driven now a days, there is an upcoming event called Secret Wars where the current universe is set end and reform. Will be a dud like the New 52 which will be reset by the Convergence Event or Will it be a success only time can tell.

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