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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

A review of the newest Spider-Man movie. Is it as good as the previous ones?

Jpinlac, Published on Jul 14, 2012
I have seen close to 10,000 movies in my lifetime by being a big movie buff and having once worked in a video rental store. I mention this because if one watches as many movies as I have you get jaded about any new movies that come out. All the plot lines and stories seem similar to movies you have seen before and new movies pale in comparison without original ideas. I suspect that movie critics feel the same as I do which is why I found it promising when the reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man all had a similar point of view. Most reviews on the movie have mentioned reviewers going into it with some hesitation about yet another reboot and then being blown away by how good it is.

I'll tell you now that it was only okay. If you have never seen any of the previous movies you might disagree, but the fact is the previous movies were made and any sequels should build on what has come before and this one does not. Without giving too much away, a lot of reviews give emotional praise to Emma Stone's portrayal of Gwen Stacy. They say she played a better love interest than Kristen Dunst. I say she played the exact same role and didn't really show anything new and I am a big Emma Stone fan. There's a post on this blog that touches on the topic of marginalization of female characters in comic book stories which can be found here. Anyway, there is a key scene where she sort of actively takes part to triumph against the villain instead of being a damsel in distress, but it was out of place and I felt it was written just to keep her from seeming like a damsel in distress. The portrayal of Peter Parker by Andrew Garfield was a little better. It was closer to how a modern teenager might act. There was a bit too much face scrunching for my taste, but it was forgivable.

Is your spider sense tingling? Okay this is where the spoiler alert comes in. Stop reading now if you want to see the movie without me giving away the details. The interaction with the adults was one of the big problems I have with the movie. I felt the edits with Uncle Ben and Aunt May seemed a little too choppy with details left out that the viewer has to piece together later when they did not need to. The dinner scene with Stacys felt awkward and unfunny when it was supposed to be awkward but funny. My biggest problem with the film was that Spider-Man revealed himself to everyone! What in blue blazes??? I have seen writers do this before where they speed up the storyline by writing like this but they more often than not write themselves in a corner or out of storyline by jumping the gun. It's not just one scene by the way. One by one, major characters learn he is Spider-Man either directly or indirectly.

Still, there are good moments in the movie. The web shooters are a nice touch, they make good ole Spidey accessible again and the merchandising is a plus. A backstory on his parents could lead to an intriguing future storyline. The swinging and technical effects mostly happen at night and show some web-swinging in a edgier style. The costume is fine, nothing really new, though people are critical of the boots. The origin of the costume in the first Sam Raimi movie was more fun. In this movie, it wasn't really given a great build-up though it did make a short humorous remark on Superhero costume fabric ideas and how one could shop for them online. All in all, the movie seemed to borrow ideas from the comics including Ultimate Spider-Man in an attempt to make him more identifiable to younger fans and kids who may not have discovered him yet, but the idea of the original Spider-Man is a classic and I don't know that he needed a makeover. Maybe the next one will have a better story and maybe if I see this movie again possibly on DVD, cable or maybe even on network TV, I will find more things to like about it, but right now my first impression is a shrug with almost a meh.

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  1. RJE

    I have not seen the movie yet and I probably do not have any attention of seeing it in the theaters. I for one was an avid Spider-Man Fan, but when I saw the previews in movie theater I did not feel my Spidey fan sense tingling. It was good to see that they brought Peter's talent for science back in this movie and the web shooters was a great add-on.

    For me I will wait when it comes to cable or DVD to see it. It is just another remake and certainly I agreed it just gets a Shrug.

    #1 – 15 July, 2012 at 9:44 pm

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