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Kris Anka's Sockdrawer Blog

Kris Anka is a phenomenal artist with a flare for character design and animation. Check out what you have been missing.

DC, Published on Jul 16, 2012
So bopping around the net you can find some really interesting things.  From time to time just to shake things up (and to share some beautiful and interesting things) I'll post a link or two on my finds. 

First up is Kris Anka; His site sockdrawer is a treasure trove of interesting images of his art stylings as well as a learning resource for budding artist (like myself).  It's also a nexus to all the other sites Kris Anka blogs on. So what are you waiting for hit the link,  check it out!

Editor's Note:
After visiting the site I found this gem among Kris Anka's many blogs. Design Lessons is a great resource. It was a blog he designed for a few friends from school so the tone of some slides may seem a bit gruff but the information is outstanding. A link to this blog will also be in the Resource Links Art Tab. Thanks DC for putting us on to this amazing artist. I would also like to thank Kris for letting use one of his images for the post banner.

Update Sept. 8, 2012:

Kris has just brought back his Art tumblr page. Very cool stuff.

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  1. IsoRod

    Hey, I just figured this out. I should like the articles I didn't write. Duh! Also the art tumblr page is the one Kris is updating more commonly now.

    #1 – 17 March, 2013 at 11:13 am

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