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Review: Batman - Dark Knight Rises

The final movie in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, did it provide a fitting finale to Nolan's superb superhero films?

RJE, Published on Aug 08, 2012
I was not planning on seeing Batman: Dark Knight Rises so soon after it's opening weekend. Then the horror of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting happened. With rumors that Warner Brothers might pull the movie out of theaters, I decided it would be best to see it before that possibly happened.

The one thing I must admit, I had my reservation with Anne Hathaway playing Cat-woman, I did not think she was going to do the character justice. I did not see her as an actress that could be sultry, seductive, and sexy. Those reservation were put to rest after a few scenes, she appeared in her cat suit and you could see she exudes sultry; she looked sexy. Hathaway portrayal of Cat-woman was her own. She did a great job.

Bane was another surprise for me, director Christopher Nolan did not use the fabled 'Venom' Bane is known for. Instead the mask Bane wore delivered an anesthetic to prevent severe pain resulting from past injuries. Nolan was quoted saying “His life depends on it,” referring to anesthetic in Bane's mask. Tom Hardy who was playing Bane, also did an outstanding job. I especially liked that Bane's voice at times sounded like Sean Connery. It was truly impressive how big Tom Hardy had bulked up for the role. This version of Bane did not take away from the movie. Bane was as sadistic as he ever was in the comic book.

From left to right- Talia al Ghul, Bane, Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley, Commissioner James Gordon, Ra's al Ghul, Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, Lucius Fox, Scarecrow and Officer John Blake.

Christopher Nolan did a good job overall on the last film of his Batman trilogy. He brought us back full circle to where Batman first began. Nolan touches on each of the previous films, "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". He made mention of Harvey Dent, Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows, and many others. Sadly, the only character not mention was the Joker. Besides that it was an excellent movie.

But...everyone knows there had to be a but, and it comes with a spoiler alert(Stop reading here if you want to see the movie without knowing any details). Nolan, did something that I found was very uncharacteristic of Batman. In the movie Catwoman breaks into Wayne Manor and gets a copy of Bruce Wayne's fingerprints. Bruce Wayne being Batman does his thing, finds out why they broke in, his fingerprints. He then finds out who she is, Selena Kyle (Catwoman, a master thief). He even makes a mention of the theft of his finger prints to Alfred. That appeared to be the only follow up on Batman's part on the theft of his fingerprints. Later in the film Daggett puts his nefarious scheme into action and attempts a hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises. The Batman I grew up with, has a tenacious knack for detail and paranoid, he would never had let that happen without planning for the possibility of Daggett's actions(End of spoiler).

That was the one thing about the movie I found fault with. Besides that one discrepancy, I recommend you see the movie and enjoy.

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  1. IsoRod

    It seemed the long break made Batman super rusty at the whole crime fighting thing. No follow up to fingerprints, gets his pocket picked, didn't even try to tell Blake he was wrong and got knock on his butt by Catwoman the first time they meet. Also it helped that the Joker wasn't around so his skills an body could go by the wayside. It was a good movie and nice to see Bruce Wayne get some kind of happy ending. Bane, Catwoman and Blake were the stars of this one, sorry Bats.

    #1 – 9 August, 2012 at 2:16 am

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