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Mass Effect 3 : An Ending of Sorts

Mass Effect, a game series some considered as the 'Star Wars' of our time. What happened to cause so many to be upset? And what would the fans do about it?

DC, Published on Sep 09, 2012
Mass Effect 3, The last in a three part RPG (role playing game) shooter video-game series which chronicles the tale of the space faring hero Commander Shepard as he/she tries to save the galaxy form extinction, often in spite itself. Shepard in Mass Effect unlike his counter parts in the gaming world (Master Chief, Solid Snake, Samus Aran, Mario and the rest) is very much a D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) character with the only constant being his/her voice over actor, the rest is up to you, a true avatar of the individual player.

Who you fall in love with (male, female straight, gay, or both; your Shepard's business and choice) what kind of Marine they might be (from a marine tech, a straight up armed combatant, even this gaming worlds version of Psi (psionic) power or a combo of each offering). The look of the character is totally up to you the player. But most importantly the choices, all the major moral choices in the game and many of the little mission specific ones are all up to the player, with enough options to make significantly different outcomes and repercussions a real possibility. Line up ten people who have played the games and I'd bet you even money that save for the fact that each character's last name is "Shepard" with the rank of commander they are very much the creation of the ten gamers before you. Vastly different form one another as the people themselves. That was the beauty of Mass Effect.

Few if any games this year has had the all encompassing buzz, as it was set to release, followed by the backlash, after the game was released and players got to the end, that Mass Effect 3 did. Love the ending or hate them but you have to admit they made an impact. Was it all "sound and fury" from the players? I'll leave you to make up your mind on that with out my meddling, because believe it or not this post is not about how bad or good the endings of Mass Effect were.

I come here not praise or berate Bioware's end to their game. I come but to cast light on what the fans have wrought in their love for their Shepards! (OK, OK I know a bit melodramatic.)

What that I'd like to do is turn your internet strolling gaze to what some creative few of the multitudes of Mass Effect fans have done in response to what many of them felt was a lack luster end to an other wise very well received trilogy extended cut DLC or no extended cut DLC. These efforts run the gamut from heart felt to funny. But always they show a love for the narrative and its cast of characters, that game by game have evolved to fleshed out a story that at one point was being spoken about it the same breath as Star Wars and Star Trek.

For my money, and just to get you started with arguably the "best foot forward", the crown jewel of them all is the web comic Marauder Shields by koobismo and his merry crew. Excellent stuff! So if you don't know! Well, now you know!

Here are some more links enjoy.

First up a brief comic created by suthnmeh after being dissatisfied with the ending provide by Bioware. "An end once and for all"- Mass Effect 3 ending comic. . Also a here is a link to a video cut together by Nicholasfunstuff using suthnmeh's "An end once and for all" comic as inspiration.

Next up a dynamic questionnaire, The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Epilogue Slides. By answering an offered series of questions, the page will generate an epilogue for your Mass Effect 3 game. All text for this piece is by Shannon Phillips.

Then a different look into how Mass Effect 3 could have ended (in screenplay format) by grubfisher. The alternate fan fiction endings for Mass Effect 3 has variations for both male and female Shepard.

Finally a compilation of the fan made Mass Effect 3 video endings.

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  1. IsoRod

    Well they better watch out the video games market has been in a slump for a while now. As the link to the article below shows. The entitled or core gamer is a customer they cannot afford to alienate seeing that they spend more than average gamers. But this definitely one case that a company's blunder spurred an amazing response from the customers. The mobile games are getting better and so console game makers better mind their P's and Q's.

    The link to the article Video game sale fall 20%.

    #3 – 9 September, 2012 at 10:11 pm

  2. DC

    I own and played all three games. The thing that struck me as the back lash for the ending of the last game went public was the reaction of far to many of the folks in the gaming industry. From pro-reviewers to a number of the reporters and even the game developers themselves, a refrain of "entitled gamers bitching about what they got".

    This was communicated, publicly, very much in the vain of "shut up and take it" to the gamers in question. It's like these folks in the industry have forgotten that the people that were complaining about this product (Mass effect 3) BOUGHT it, with money. That they worked for. Very much like they forgot that these folks are not just "fans" but more importantly CUSTOMERS.

    They even seemed to have forgotten the meaning of the old axiom "the customer is always right." This is not really about a customers opinion being seen as the only one, but more about remembering that if the customer is unhappy with what you are selling them... you might lose them. For good. They don't have to buy what they (the gaming industry) is selling. It was a most troubling reaction. It doesn't bode well.

    #2 – 9 September, 2012 at 9:30 pm

  3. IsoRod

    Even though I don't think I'll ever play any of the games, it is amazing to see how when something is truly engrossing and executed so well (until the endings), can have a profound effect on people. Looking at the work produced its really a testament to how well the story and characters were crafted. Maybe this was the way it had to be, where Bioware fell short the fans stepped up and have created works that are so satisfying it actually gave their fellow gamers closure. It's probably what I wished had happened after 2nd Star Wars trilogy.

    Bioware's misstep was everyone else's gain.

    Good post.

    #1 – 9 September, 2012 at 7:19 pm

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