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Projects: RUSH Minis and The RUSH #1

New projects for the upcoming year comics and strips starring The RUSH characters.

IsoRod, Published on Dec 28, 2012
Here at one of our goals is to produce many of the story ideas that have been floating around our heads since we were teenagers. When launching the site I created a brand new group of characters and a universe called The RUSH(Research of Unique and Special Humans). The characters were based on drawings created on my iPhone on the Brushes app(which the name RUSH was derived from) and some old stories and characters with no viable universe. The characters were planned to be used for tutorials and basically as throwaway characters. As I began to flesh out their world, I really started to get attached to these characters. So my wife then advised me to copyright the characters to protect against any issue regarding ownership and go do some story telling!

So with the background out of the way. The two projects that I will be pushing for next year is to get out The RUSH comic and produce a comic strip called RUSH Minis. I am currently working on the script for the first book using Celtx and hope to be able produce the whole book digitally using mostly the iPad and tools available across Windows, OSX and iOS. Below is the breakdowns of Bluejay and Leopard for the Minis done using pencil and pad.

The final inks of the characters was done using Procreate on the iPad mini.

This last image is of a test page created using Procreate and Comic Life on the iPad 2. This is a scene near the end of first the book. I plan on have the breakdown of the script be handle by RJE, my older brother and creator on some of the characters that will be introduces in later stories.

There will be a lesson post on the process of how the first Rush Minis strip was created. Mostly concentrating on concept development and tools use to produce each portion for the strip. Should be done by in a week or so.

This year had a lot of ups and down with my starting a new job and Hurricane "Sandy" knocking out power in my area for 12 days. So I hope to be able to at least get to a 4 post per month, going forward, but hopefully much more than that. This month is mostly over but I plan on putting out a few more post before the end of the year. This site has been a something I have been wanting to do for a long time. It helped me land my current job as programmer/web developer, learned a lot about editing and researching information for articles, about writing in general and why self editing is so very hard. Finally, the thing that I have enjoyed the most is the resources I have found on the web and the information and people you can find on Twitter.

So to everyone have a Happy New Year and hope to see you around next year!


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