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IsoRod, Published on Dec 31, 2012

With more of the news and information coming from fewer and fewer sources, thanks to the weakening of rules on media cross-ownership, corporate commercial media is drowning out diverse opinions, eliminating local voices and control. This quote from a Politico article written by Senator Bernie Sanders and Michael Copp puts this issue in perspective, "In 1983, 90 percent of the American media was owned by 50 companies. Today, 90 percent is controlled by just six corporations: General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS." The only thing worse is the Federal Communications Commission is considering a rule change that will allow for more media consolidation by eliminating a ban on cross-ownership in the top 20 media markets. Its a very well written article and explains the issues very well.

A cool drawing of Santa and a reimagining of the Ninja Turtles are just a few of the thing you will find on Mr.Anka's Tumblr Art page Steak & Sourdough. Eye candy for the holidays.

Adobe Photoshop Touch has been updated to version 1.4.1 across iOS and Android. The app has been update to support more devices like the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7. Brushes strokes are now smoother and support high resolution images have been added.

Brushes has been upgraded to version 3.0 is now a universal(an app that works both on the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch) app. The app is now free and features like layers can be added for $0.99, which is a steal comparing to having to buy the pervious iPhone version for $4.99 and the iPad version for $7.99. Brushes now allows you to view the playback of your drawing on your iOS device, very cool.

Comic Life has been updated to version 2.1 and is a universal app. All of the iPad goodness is now available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. I will be using this app and Procreate to produce the first Rush Minis strip.

Procreate has been updated to 1.7.1. It has a new interface and some cool new features. You have the ability to import and export Procreate files, which is sorely needed when you have a iPad with limited space. A much more powerful transform tools with the ability distort the perspective of images and do uniform scaling. Also the app now supports image resolution of 4096x4096 pixels on the iPad 3/4, 4096x2616 pixels on the iPad 2/Mini and user defined image resolutions. Procreate's new UI(user interface) can be tricky. Like to access copy, duplicate and delete for layer requires you to swipe left on the layer badge in the layer panel. To change the orientation of an image thumbnail in the gallery from portrait to landscape you have to touch the thumbnail with two fingers and rotate to the desired position. It took googling and experimentation to figure out these function, which should have been near the top of the update blurb in the AppStore. There are too many features to list but some features that worth mentioning are Dropbox integration, brush sharing and new multitouch functions. You can also see the amazing work and tutorials available for Procreate at the app's website.

All version of Sketchbook Pro have been updated across iOS and Android. There are to many version to list, but it is safe to say all version are at 2.x.
Sketchbook Pro has updated the UI, improve brush performance/speed and support larger files size up to 6.9 megabytes. I plan on using Sketchbook pro on iOS and Android in upcoming projects.

Sketchbook Ink has gotten a much needed update. The app is finally at the level it should have been when released. Ink have the added Dropbox integration with he ability to export PNG as large as 100 megabytes. Ink is a much more responsive and no longer creates artifacts while you are drawing. Sketchbook Ink being resolution independent allows you to create highly detail drawing with loss of fidelity when exporting the image. The tools in Ink are kind of cumbersome compared to Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro, which I'm not really sure why.

Snapseed was purchased by Google is now at version 1.5 available across iOS and Android devices as a free app. Also supports Google+ integration.

On Christmas Eve Jim Shooter tweeted 4 messages. There was also a more complete message posted on Jim's blog which can be found here. Its good to hear from him. To find out more check out the post 2012 Surprises.

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