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RUSH Mini Process Part 1

This lesson is the general outline of the process that I'm using to creating the RUSH Minis:The Box.

IsoRod, Published on Feb 20, 2013

Genesis of the Idea

I had drawn a super-deformed or minified version of Bluejay and Leopard a few months ago. At the end of the year I wanted to put out a post updating some of the information on previous articles, I wanted to create a banner image which was small scene using the minified characters and the Minis were born. What started out as a scene, became three panels, then ten pages. The scene was originally was going to feature only Bluejay, Leopard and Cardinal ballooned to seven characters.

Group shoot of all seven characters in the strip. The layout was done using Comic Life on the iPad Mini.

Drawing from the Past

Below is the order in which the characters were drawn. The 3 initial characters were followed by Golden, Slade, Prototype-1 and Ignite. As I drew Slade, who is an older character(I designed him when I was 13 and he is between 35-45 years) I thought it would be a cool idea if he was mentoring the younger heroes. This lead to drawing Prototype-1 and Ignite who with Golden of the RUSH team, all of whom are teenagers.

Fringe Benefits of Drawing the Strip

In the strip I poke fun at characters by exaggerated personal traits or actions that will occur in their comic book outings. This also allowed me to draw views of the characters that weren't designed before. Two examples are Slade and Leopard, I was able to create design for the back view of their suits. Another cool thing was to finalize the suits for characters like Prototype-1 and Ignite. Finally I was able to use some of these exaggerated traits to further develop aspects of the characters and their relationships. Bluejay and Leopard were always a planned couple in my mind, but I was initially going to delay their relationship for much later in The RUSH comic. But after doing the strip I plan on developing the relationship earlier and at a faster pace.

Below is a gallery of the process of drawing, coloring and the tools/apps I used to create the art that was used in the strip.

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Next post will discuss laying out the strip and the dialogue.

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