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Rush Minis Process Part 2

This lesson is the general outline of the process that I'm using to creating the RUSH Minis:The Box. On this post we will focus on layout and the script.

IsoRod, Published on Mar 11, 2013

The Story

Original story concept was that Cardinal found the box and called Bluejay, Leopard and Slade for backup. Bluejay felt it was a waste of time and a overreaction on Cardinal's part. All Bluejay really wants to do is go out patrolling the city. Leopard was playing the part of the curious cat, could not wait to see what was in "The Box". Finally, Slade was looking for a fight and brought in backup, The Flight Team, group of younger RUSH members who all can fly.

Slade and Flight Team ready for action.

Fluid Scripting

This was a pretty basic story, but it seemed to be a bit bizarre for Leopard to be celebrating an update and Bluejay to seem so down because of this. So I decide to change the story up and make Bluejay the one who called everyone together in a bid to impress Leopard.

Leopard celebrating and Bluejay sulking.

This idea for the story would have Bluejay achieving this by taking out whatever lurked in "The Box". This resulted in the same issue, while it would it make sense for Bluejay to be upset because there was no major threat to deal with, why would Leopard be so happy? Also, why would Bluejay need to impress Leopard since they fight crime together all the time? The final idea, which will become a running gag in the comic book, is Leopard has a tendency to cause a lot of damage when dealing with opponents and she usually winds up in restaurants. Their dates especially the dining part always seems to end with some run in with a villain. So I decided to have them in a relationship. This changed Bluejay's motivation, he wanted to prevent the date in a attempt to avoid a massive repair bill. This concept makes the story and reaction shot more logical and also helps develop the characters for the actually comic book.

Recycle and Reuse

One of the goals of this strip was create base drawings of the characters and to reuse them when and where ever possible. Follow the link to see the posted black and white character sheets of the images that were used in the strip.

Powered by Galleria.

In the gallery above an image of Bluejay with his hands on his hips is used on the first and second images in two ways. One uses the upper body as seen in Pg2 and on the other of the lower portion of Bluejay's body shown in Pg3. The full image is on the following few pages. Pg8 is the reference image. Finally the image is used 3 more times in the last few panels in Pg16, Pg17 and Pg18 at the end of the strip. This is something that I feel works well for a strip but wouldn't be used when drawing a comic book, due to more dynamic scenes and pacing. Other examples of character reuse can be found in the strip. The word bubbles were created by using iOS version of Comic Life. The desktop version of the application is also available for Windows and OSX and is much more powerful. Guidelines on placing word bubbles can be found here at Jim Shooter's blog, it's a very short read but is quite insightful.

So that's pretty much it. This is a very general overview of the process I used for creating the story and some of the thought behind the decisions I made. Please leave any question or comments below or at our contact page.

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  1. IsoRod

    Thank you for the comment and the plan is to shed light and knowledge using these stories.

    #2 – 18 March, 2013 at 6:35 pm

  2. Jax's avatar Jax

    God Bless it!!! May God continue to give you your visions through your dreams. God Forth & never doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the Light!!!

    #1 – 18 March, 2013 at 11:25 am

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