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Spotlight: The Legend of Will Power

The Legend of Will Power provides a look at the making of an iconic character with the help of fans and has the potential to be the next big thing in comics

IsoRod, Published on Mar 24, 2013

The Legend Begins

Independent comics are have been around for a long time. Some of the most well know are ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead and Spawn are part of our popular culture. Mainly because of animated shows or movies. Lesser known titles have stories that are well regarded by critics and comic fans like Nexus, Irredeemable and Strangers in Paradise.

These comics are like the Indie scene in music, experimental, different and pushing the envelope. The independents are the laboratories for new ideas, stories or a place to explore generes and add a twist which can make old ideas seem as new as when they were first conceived. The Legend of Will Power by Darklight Studios is on of those amazing gems that appear out of an ocean of similar retreaded plots and stories.

William Power aka Will Power. Art by Vince White.

First of all the lead character, Will Power, is an African American teen, which is a rarity in comics. The most amazing thing about the story is its permise. Will's power comes from that fact that he stayed the same as the universe around him has becomes weaker. Vince White brings you concepts dealing with physics and quantum theory and makes it accessible to the reader. The comic actually teaches you science and that is very cool.

Jim Shooter Endorsed

I'm big fan of Jim Shooter's work and the knowledge he shares. I link to his blog in many of the posts on this site and hold his opinion in high regard. I was blown away to find out that he also was impressed by Vince's work. Mr. Shooter praised Vince on his succinct storytelling and ability to convey a 'sense of power' with his art. Only person more blown away by this was Vince himself as you can see on this post on The Will Power Fan Page. Mr. Shooter also gave word of encouragement and support. This I think was classy and awesome to receive praise from an icon like Jim Shooter.

DarkLight Studios

VInce White is actually Darklight Studios. He is a one man comic studio he writes, draws, inks and colors The Legend of Will Power. Currently Vince has released four of the six issues of origin story arc of The Legend of Will Power. Vince has coined a term for his style of comics as 'mainstream independent'. It has all things people love about independent comics, fresh new stories and characters, but the production value of a mainstream comic. Vince has big plans for Will Power he has already created an action figure, gear, posters that can be found on his online store, a theme song for an animated series he hope to produce one day, and the spawning of a universe center around Will, 'The Powerverse'.

Black & white version of the banner image appears on the fan page of first issue of Powerverse Chronicles. From left to right Boy Fearless, Will Power and Chief Lee.

The Powerverse

The Powerverse is growing. The 101 was release, a digital comic, that is like a 'Marvel Universe' or 'Who's Who in the DC Universe' source books. The book give a quick synapses of the Will Power story , followed by the backgrounds of equipment, characters and places that have been introduced in the first four books of The Legend of Will Power and the first Powerverse Chronicles. Also in the works a web comic starring Boy Fearless of the Action Pack.

Fans Participation

This is the cover image Vince put it out to fans to try their hand at coloring. I took a stab at it and produce the two color images. The second is a bit brighter than the first and provide more detail in the fire. There is a link below to a larger version on the color work.

Vince has created a wonderful universe and he is sharing the creative process with the fans.

In the lower left hand corner of the page you can see the black and white version of the banner image.

On The Will Power Fan Page is where the magic happens, from talent searches for creative staff to help with the production of the comic to having fans provide input on naming a cosmic foe for Will Power. One of the coolest things I've seen is at the end of the first issue of the Powerverse Chronicles where Vince has a page at the end showing fan art. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see your work in a comic even on a fan page, being someone who has read and wanted to draw comic since I was thirteen, freaking awesome. Fans participation is not only welcomed Vince asks for it. After the first six issue story arc is complete Vince has plans to do a character building project with fans to create a new WILL POWER villain. So far I have taken a crack at doing some color work on a possible future cover which can be seen here. Vince has also asked for some writing help so I wrote this piece of fan fiction, which he liked so much that he wants to put it in a upcoming Powervese Chronicles. With the issues being 22 pages long I offer to write three more short stories to fill the issue, I also plan to do the art.

Be Powerful

Vince's motto is 'Be Powerful' and he encourages other to be doers. Don't just sit there dreaming, actually go out there and get your hands dirty and follow your dream. Vince has live up to his motto, in my opinion, giving us a new world to experience and enjoy. But unlike an other comic endeavour I have seen, he allows you to truly take part in creating it. Finally, the opportunity to work on a comic property that is published and has a readership is a dream come true and its all because of Vince willingness to allow anyone to share in the process, and for that I thank him. If you are looking for something fresh or just want to get on the ground floor of what I think will be the next big thing in comics, look no further than The Legend of Will Power.

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