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ComicsAlliance Shuttered!

The Comic Alliance blog is being shut down. It comes as surprise to many.

IsoRod, Published on May 01, 2013

The History

ComicsAlliance is a site that covers comic books and the popular culture related to comics. The website was a mix of news, commentary and humor. The site launched in 2009 by Laura Hudson. Hudson was Editor-in-Chief until she left the website last year, she was replaced by Joe Hughes a former editor from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. ComicsAlliance was nominated for an Eisner Award three times. The site was one of my favorites for finding out what was going on in the world of comics. Many of my articles have links to post or stories from ComicsAlliance.

The Confusion

I found out about the sites closure from the Scott Snyder's tweet below.

Scott Snyder @Ssnyder1835
Just got back from teaching & saw news about @comicsalliance - very sorry to hear.

7:37 PM - 29 Apr 2013

I really wasn't sure what he was sorry about and couldn't really find much on twitter. I thought to myself, there is no way the site is being shutdown. Good thing I'm not a betting man.

The Answer

I then did a google search and found this article from The Verge. What is really surprising is this quote from The Verge article, 'It's not immediately clear what caused the shutdown — Hudson says on Twitter that it "wasn't performance related" and went on to say that "traffic on the site was better than ever." Neither current editor-in-chief Joe Hughes nor the official ComicsAlliance Twitter account have acknowledged the shutdown yet, but Comic Book Resources has reportedly confirmed the site's closure.' Maybe as official details are released it will be a bit clearer why AOL shuttered the site. My guess from reading the article, AOL must be trying to consolidate their business ventures as a cost cutting move. If that's the case its pretty unfortunate that ComicsAlliance was a causality.

What the Future Holds

I plan on trying at least save a copy of some of the articles that I have linked to. I have no idea how long the links will be available after the official shutdown of the site. I'll definitely miss ComicsAlliance and hope the writers and editors will continue writing or start their own endeavors.

My final thought: Boo AOL, Boo to you!

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