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The Leap: Natural User Interface

Imagine being to paint or draw right on you monitor and not having to replace your current computer. Well are you ready to take 'The Leap'?

IsoRod, Published on Jun 07, 2012
A new revolutionary technology that may finally allow us to get rid of the keyboard and mouse. The Leap is a Natural User Interface(NUI) promising to do just that. The Leap consist of two parts a small USB input device and powerful software platform developed by Leap Motion.  The input device no larger than an iPod and is two hundred times more accurate than devices like Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360. The Leap can recognize your individual fingers, objects you are holding in your hand and gestures like pinch and zoom to boot. One of the most shocking things about this package is it's price, $70.  

It's amazing and I can wait to see what can be produced using this platform. You can see The Leap in action here in this video. This is an exciting product that could allow us to interface with our computers in ways only seen in movies like Iron-Man and Minority Report. The Leap is available for preorder at Leap Motion website. The website also has a very interesting blog which has some cool post about Natural User Interfaces or NUI. This is one of those technologies that seemed to be years away and now you can own it as early as December 2012 or January of year next.  Its like watching science fiction coming to life right before our eyes. Anyone going to preorder? Is 'The Leap' revolutionary or just a fad? Let us know in the comments section.

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