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Bitstrips, iMadeface & koizu's channel

Prototype faces, Create a comic with having to draw and Youtube drawing lessons by koizu.

IsoRod, Published on Jun 04, 2013

Golden Boy and Purple Haze comic created at a free website that allows anyone to create a comic. The site has a very extensive character creator and provides many backdrops for user to add to their creations. An example of what can be produced with the site can be found in the Golden Boy and Purple Haze strip I created for a class assignment. I'd love to be able to add my own clothes or items to the characters, but it is definitely a great tool for creating a comic or prototyping scenes for a comic you may be drawing.


Faces of characters for some upcoming stories.

iMadeFace is a free iOS/Android phone app that allows you to create faces of your family/friends, famous people or just completely made up characters. Only thing is the app only lets you make front views of your characters. It is very good for prototyping a look for characters.

koizu's Youtube Channel

Image from How to Draw Fight Scenes.

Youtube as many channels that provide drawing tutorials. One of these fantastic example is koizu's channel. He has many great tutorials. Some of my favorites are How to Draw Fight Scenes, How to Draw Characters in Perspective: UP SHOT, and How to Draw Characters in a Scene: High Horizon View. There are many more amazing videos available and the best part is all of it is free.

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