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Super Designs for Kara and Karen

A cool post about practical costumes for female superheroes. DC's New 52 No Pants For You Club members Super and Power girl even get cool designs.

IsoRod, Published on Jun 23, 2013
After the SuperMOOC(Massive Open Online Course): Gender Through Comic Books there was a group that was established on Facebook which can be found here. The group is open so anyone can join even if you didn't take the course. It is very active and posted topics have covered comics, art, videogames gender, race, social and culture issues. There very thoughtful people with interesting ideas and comments to share on this lively group.

Mike Lunsford's Supergirl and Powergirl designs.

One such post was What Female Superheroes Would Look Like if They Wore Clothes where artist Michael Lee Lunsford created designs that were "more crime fighting friendly". My favorite designs were of Supergirl and Powergirl. Lunsford's Elektra design is also worth mentioning.

This inspired me to take a crack at designing some armor of Kara Zor'El and Karen Starr (Kara of Earth-2). The fact that Superman has the same power as his cousin Kara, but the look of their armors are ridiculously different.

New 52 No Pants for You Club member Supergirl and returning member Powergirl.

Supergirl's current costume is just silly. It's suppose to be armor just like Superman's. So, why all the exposed skin? The current design has Powergirl back to her cleavage window glory and no pants.

This Powergirl costume design wasn't very much liked.

Powergirl lost her last costume (can be seen in the image above) which was badly damage and the only thing she found to replace it was a redesigned version of her pre-Flashpoint outfit, so sad.

Kara's armor more inline with the Superman design, she has pants.

This tumbler post shows the how current Supergirl suit could have been designed to be on par with Superman's.

Fan art redesign of New 52 Supergirl costume. Very slick redesign.

Also this fan art show another example of what could have been done with Supergirl's costume.

Kara Zoe'El, Supergirl and Karen Starr, Powergirl in Kryptonian Armor designs.

For the Supergirl design I keep a very simliar look to upper body design of the current New 52 costume. I changed the way the cape is attached to the armor. Also added a second softer shade of blue to the armor. This was inspired by the deviantart fan piece above. Finally, the boots are pretty much the New 52 design, with a bit more of an armored feel. Powergirl's design is a nod to Lunsford's handling of the cleavage window and just trying to go for a look of Kryptonian armor. It's okay but, a bit further down, you will see some designs I found putting this post together and I like them a lot more.

Supergirl design by Cory Walker.

Here are Supergirl designs by Cory Walker featured in this ComicsAlliance post. While these may not be costumes I'd love to see on Supergirl, the designs are very cool and varied. Many more designs and be seen here on Cory Walker's blog.

Alternate New 52 Supergirl design.

Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar’s alternate New 52 Supergirl designs can be found on this Project Rooftop post.

It was disheartening to see a lot of the images offered as alternative costume designs were just about objectifying Powergirl. But, these are two design that I found while looking for an image of the old New 52 Powergirl costume, that didn't.

Two very cool designs for Powergirl.

The first is by Joey Caroll, a nice design, but I don't like look of the thigh high boots. The second was posted on a disscussion by the user sunhawk. Not sure if the poster drew the image but it looks awesome, not digging way the cape is attached though.

There are a lot of ways to design costumes for female characters that are functional and still are visually appealing. This image is of the New 52 Giganta achieves this without making her look like a sex object.

The New 52's Giganta.

Finally another amazing tumbler post, shared by a SuperMOOC group member, with some great redesigns of female characters costume, Supergirl and Powergirl are included. Enjoy

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