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Preview: Bluejay and The RUSH

Here is some of the art I have create for Bluejay and The RUSH. This preview is of the cover and first page.

IsoRod, Published on Aug 02, 2013
The RUSH comic was rename to Bluejay and The RUSH, after reading Vince White's Icon Equation. What stood out to me was, there are a lot of great superhero comics with amazing characters whose names I just can't remember. I decide I didn't want this to be the case with Bluejay. Bluejay's name was added to title since he is a major character in many of the story arcs in The RUSH and he is a character I want people to remember.

Here is the plot for the upcoming Bluejay and The RUSH comic universe.

Earth is about to be drawn into a cosmic conflict that has been raging since the beginning of creation. A secret alien cabal sees Earth as a powerful player in the future events affecting the universe and have come to make sure we follow what they believe is the right path. But the Earth is experiencing an evolution where people are starting to display superhuman abilities and scientific breakthroughs are happening more commonly everyday. The RUSH Team is one group of people who are working to further human understanding and protect the world from extra terrestrial and extra dimensional threats. But the threat is greater than anyone could have imagined when creatures thought to be only legend turn out to be all too real. As superhumans, technological leaps, dimensional travel, aliens and demons all come to a head is Earth rushing to a future that is too much to handle.

All of the art was produce on my iPad Mini. The app I use to create 95% of the artwork is Savage Interactive's Procreate. I'm currently using only my finger to create the images. With further adieu the art.

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