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Jim Lee's Lesson in Storytelling:Context

Jim Lee give a long lesson about context in art on his twitter feed. Its pretty interesting and informative.

IsoRod, Published on Sep 10, 2013
There has been an issue with DC Comics new contest to have aspiring artists draw a four panel page with Harley Quinn trying to comically end her life. The fourth panel of the page is a scene that calls for Harley to be in a bathtub naked about to drop electric appliances into the water. The timing of the contest was unfortunately announced a week before Suicide Prevention Week. There was also an uproar that the final scene was sexaulizing suicide.

I came across this in my twitter feed.

Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and artist of Superman Unchained, decided to weigh in on the discussion and provided a very nice lesson in story layout and context.

My only problem is even if Mr. Lee doesn't agree with all of the vocal criticism about this contest, he should not see it as a non-issue. DC Entertainment should at least be a bit more mindful of the timing and not dismiss the anger over the final scene as an overreaction. Getting off my soapbox now and on with the lesson.

Here is an excerpt from Jim's twitter feed.


For more of the lesson you can check out the Bleeding Cool article or Jim Lee's twitter feed, the post were on September 7th.

One of the writers of Harley Quinn, Jimmy Palmiotti also give a much better response to the contest controversy and even apologies for not clearly setting up the context of the scenes. As always context is everything.

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