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Writing Her,Him and Ethnicity

Writing characters can be one of the more difficult things. A SuperMOOC:GTCB Facebook group member provides some links to help with just that.

IsoRod, Published on Sep 13, 2013
Denise Ganley,a writer and a fellow member of the SuperMOOC: Gender Through Comic Books Group on Facebook, provide 3 amazing links to help with writing characters. When writing characters of the opposite sex or from different ethnic groups the voices of the characters can be difficult to nail down. Denise's provide introductions to each links so I just quoted her.

Science Fiction & fantasy Writer's of Ammerica

"Nisi Shawl wrote articles and a book about 'Writing the Other.' Here is her link about writing other races, couldn't find specific ones for better female characters."

Transracial Writing for the Sincere

Writer's Digest

"I think for the most part, you can just write the character as you see them. Maybe even partly based on real life people. Then if your beta readers say something is off or if a character feels unlike how you want them there are some tips you can use to modify how they come across. I tried to google for some that I know I have seen but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Prolly was Nisi Shawl's book."


Drink Me Read Me

"Anyway, I'm writing about a male refugee and let me tell you, that is tough! The way I am tackling it is trying to tap into the universality of emotional truth, the things that people want and need and feel just by being human. And then just showing how some of the expressions and behaviors that come from that same place can be a little different. It's okay to use some stereotypes, because there is an element of truth to them, but it's of course important to flesh characters out beyond that."

Writing Characters of a Different Gender

I just wanted to thank Denise for permission to repost her responses and links. I think these links are great resources for writers trying to figure out how to write characters that are different from themselves.

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