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Digital Art Tips: Will Power Banner

Some tips for drawing and coloring a digital image. Also a video of the artwork being created.

IsoRod, Published on Oct 31, 2013
When creating a piece you may need to reference the artwork for the shape of a ship or color scheme of a character.
In creating this piece I was using a the climax of the battle in issue 5 for inspiration. I chose to render the scene in a different angle and showing a frame of action between to panels in the comic.

I wanted to show the airsubs in this scene so here is how I went about creating them. I took a page from the book with airsubs.

I then cut out the shape of the subs I want to use. I then blocked out the shapes of the subs with a quick rough lines.

Tracing the general shapes and line in the page. In the process I'm not being very careful about trying to copy all the shapes exactly.For the second sub which is just an outline of the shape I drew in the detail using the first sub as a reference.

Finally I take the shape of the first sub and position it at angle and completed the missing part of for the third sub.

The rough layout can be seen above and a video will show how the image was created in Procreate on the iPad Mini using my finger.

The reason for the rough and quick trace was to layout the shapes of the subs as I proceeded on the piece I tighten the lines and made all of the subs have a uniformed look. The color for the piece were taken from a sample color page the was posted on The Legend of Will Power Fan Page. It provided a great reference for Prehistoria's color scheme and the airsubs.

The video below shows the completion of the image and you can see the tweaks and details added to finish it.

The Legend of Will Power #5 can be purchased here. This is an issue that I edited and provided some of the dialogue. It was pretty cool to see the book as it was coming together. But the final product had some things I didn't get to see while editing. Legend of Will Power is pretty much one of the few comic I purchase and I love Vince White's story and inclusion of fans in the process. I plan on writing a review for this issue also, until then as Vince would say "Be Powerful".

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