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Review - Thor:The Dark World

Was this Thor movie as successful as the first? Was Marvel was able to have lightning strike twice or did they miss they miss the mark?

IsoRod, Published on Nov 26, 2013

The Plot

Thor must stop the Dark Elves from corrupting the nine realms with 'The Aether'. A weapon long thought sealed away but is now inhabiting the body of the astrophysicist, Jane Foster, Thor's human love. Thor must find a way to save Jane before the power of 'The Aether' consumes her and prevent it from get into the hands of the Dark Elves. In a bid to save Jane and prevent the destruction of Asgard, Thor enlists Loki in a plan to help him destroy 'The Aether'.

Lightning Can Strike Twice

The film was fun and Marvel has been doing a great job with the cinematic universe. When Disney brought Marvel comics I couldn't have predicted how well this would of worked out. The film has its funny moments and is as action pack as the first one. The fact that a story with fantasy and science is presented in a such a cohesive way shouldn't be overlooked. The closest thing that would resemble Thor on the DC comics side is Wonder Woman and Warner Brothers claims it is difficult to bring a character like her to the big screen. Thor and Thor: The Dark World provides a strong rebuttal to that. One of the cooler parts is how using the character of Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, is able to take some of the magical or fantasy element on Asgard and reduce them to something that can be identified in science. Her joyful exuberance at being able to identify how the Asgardian scanner worked was a joy to watch. The film maker not only showed someone loving science but it was great to see a character other than a male character having that love. Something that seems to becoming a nice addition to Marvel properties, even some being done by other studios, is that the female characters with or without the superpowers are saving male superheroes. This can be seen in two of the Iron-man films(the first and the third), The Wolverine and most recently in Thor: The Dark World. Hope this is a trend that will lead to female superheroes getting a shot at their own solo films. I really liked this film and now on to the my gripes.

Malekith the Wasted

In comics, Malekith is known as "the Accured" but the monkier "the Wasted" as in potential would be more accurate for this film. Malekith is the ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim is the main villain of this movie. What was truly sad, was he felt like he was just a placeholder. This was so Loki wouldn't be the main bad guy in a third Marvel film. The character wasn't fleshed out and the viewer didn't get to see what truly motivates him. I found out talking to DC(the site contributor not the comic book company), that part of Malekith's story may have been edited out. It's seems that the Marvel cinematic movies are shooting for a runtime from a little under two hours to about two hours and twenty minutes, so this may of been a matter of pacing. It would have been great to know more about the character besides him just wanting to destroy the nine realms. If Malekith was given a chance to be fully realized he may have become a villain that the audience might be interested in seeing more of like Loki.

Loki Steals the Show

This movie could easily have been called Loki: The Dark World. Tom Hiddleston is so charismatic and larger than life as Loki that he seems to take over any scene he's in. It feels that he has as much screen time as Thor and his scene are all memorable. Not to say Chris Hemsworth doesn't do a great as the Thunderer, it's just Hiddleston's Loki seems to draw your attention whenever he is on screen. This is very reminiscent to Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight." These actors just outshines everyone else on the screen. It may also be due the fact that the writers did a good job of highlighting the traits of these characters and making them feel like individuals as well as these amazing actors' performances.

In closing

This is a movie you should go see. It has humor, action and setups upcoming films. The theme of strong and smart female characters saving the heroes is a nice to see. Hopefully, with what I have been hearing with the Black Widow's role in the next Captain America, Marvel may soon give us the solo female hero film. I for one am hoping for Captain Marvel formerly "Ms. Marvel" she would tie-in very well to the Guardians of the Galaxy film that will be release next year. Thor: The Dark World is a great addition to Marvel Studios film library and hope it leads to bigger, better and more diverse offerings in the future.

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