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Surprises of 2013: Legend of Will Power

Vince White's Legend of Will Power is one of the most pleasant surprise of 2013. Vince's upbeat attitude and love for comics shines through the series.

IsoRod, Published on Dec 20, 2013
As I was working on an idea for a post on Black History Month I came across the article about Vince and The Legend of Will Power. I brought the first issue and truly enjoyed it. I brought all of the available issues at the time and wrote spotlight post on the series. The Legend of Will Power was a surprise because it had an African American teen as the lead and the book introduce ideas about science and physics in a very approachable manner. Not only is it a fun read you can learn something.

Speaking with Vince

Piece of fan art also a possible story idea. Check out the link to fan art for more info. From left to right - Titan, Professor Power, Willson Johnathan Power, Myra Lee-Power, Willma Power.

Drawing that spark the idea for Powerbase.

After doing some color work, a bit of fan fiction and some fan art, I began working on RUSH Minis - Powerbase. I posted Vince an initial drawing of Will holding up Leopard and Vince message me back he loved what I was doing and asked if I could give him a call. He was pretty impressed with how much of the story I was figuring out with the breadcrumbs he was laying out throughout the series. We talked about our visions on comics and talked about working on some story ideas. This was a major surprise to have the creator of a comic series you are reading actually ask you to call and talk about comics with you.

Editing and Scripting

Vince and I talked a few more times and gave me some insight about the major characters in the story and asked if I could write something up. Vince like some of the ideas I came up with and as he was finishing up issue five he asked me to script the dialogue for Will's story. He gave me the art for the issue and said I had free reign to script it how I liked. In about two days, during lunch breaks and after work I knocked out the script. Vince combined his already completed script with portions of mine to complete issue five. We also talked out some scenes Vince was having trouble with or not comfortable with how they were turning out. I can tell you when I started reading this series I would never of thought that I would have a scripting and editing credit in the next issue that would be published.

The Dr.Nod Strip

On Election Day I did a PSA(Public Service Annoucement) using Will Power and Vince asked if I would be interested in doing Dr.Nod strip and Dr. Nod's Orbit was born. The story takes place after issue six which Vince is working on and deals with how Dr. Nod influences those around him.

Other Surprises

Vince added me and a few others as administrators to The Will Power Fan Page. He is moving forward with creating an animated series for the Legend of Will Power. The details of why he is acting now can be found here. You can also help make the animated series be come a reality clicking on this link. Vince was also asked to have THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER™ art to be featured in an exhibit at STEVE GEPPI’S Entertainment Museum. Its been an pretty surprising year and can wait to see what 2014 brings to The Legend of Will Power.

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