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Updates for April 2014

Updates to Thrillbent comics. Assignments from the GetAGrasp MOOC and some artwork being produce for other projects.

IsoWeb, Published on Apr 22, 2014
Why is good to have an alien as your friend? Well, Miranda and Martin, the locker thief, can give you an idea of the upsides to that relationship. New tech and homecoming dance king/queen candidates are some of the things covered in this week's Albert the Alien.

Albert the Alien Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 17, 2014:

With all of the danger that seems to be following The Endling, it is safe to say being around Zaius is not good for your health. With the revelations from last week's chapter and the airplane Zaius, Amber and her friends are on falling out of the sky, I think that makes my case pretty well. See how The Endling and his band of Scoobies survive this one?

The Endling Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 16, 2014:
If you were able to fight hard for 6 hours straight against creatures that could only be found in nightmares would you believe in magic? Well, would you? Check out this week's Valentine to see if he believes.

Valentine Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 15, 2014:
Homecoming king and queen are to be chosen and this year it looks like its going to be competitive for once. With Albert the Alien at Heston Middle School you bet the popular kids won't be shoe-ins this year. Check out this week's chapter to see why.

Albert the Alien Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 10, 2014:
If you think Zaius, The Endiling is bad, imagine what could be worse? Find out more about what The Endling's true purpose is and the danger the world is exposed to if he fails. If you thought this was just a simple plot for revenge, it gets a whole lot more complicated and dangerous really fast. You have to read this chapter right now. OMG!

The Endling Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 09, 2014:
Check out the Spoiler Free Review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Review looks at how a character that is moral and idealistic can headline superhero blockbuster. Plus the possible new way movies and TV shows may expand and move forward stories for the foreseeable future.

Review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Date Posted - April 08, 2014:
Was the BAA(Buerau of Alien Affairs) right? Something is coming to destroy the will Albert help or turn his back on everyone? This shocking chapter of Albert the Alien changes everything like Captain America 2? Duh Duh Duh!

Albert the Alien Current Chapter

Class assignment for this week from the GetAGrasp MOOC is to created a Pinterest reference board for your comic and make a map of you world.

Check out the board here.
Reference images for Bluejay and The RUSH
And here is a look at the map.

New Chapter 3 of The Eight Seal.

The Eight Seal

Date Posted - April 03, 2014:
The truth comes out. This week in the Endling. What would happen if Homeland Security got its hands on someone like The Endling. Would they use his abilities for the betterment of mankind? Just knowing how loosey goosey government agencies are with the truth I doubt it.

The Endling Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 02, 2014:
We learn something every interesting about Valentine. How powerful is the sword that he wields? What can he do with it?
Is it the sword, Valentine or a combination of both together? Check out it week's Valentine.

Valentine Current Chapter

Date Posted - April 01, 2014:
A whole new dimension to Albert the Alien is revealed! It wasn't by chance Heston Middle School was chosen for the student exchange and the reveal of a new baddie for Albert as well as some familiar ones.

Albert the Alien Current Chapter

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