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DC's Most Recent Post

A Spotlight On Inspiration

Posted Mar 16, 2013
The first post in our series examining the use of music in the creative process. Musing about my Muse and the unexpected way I found it.


DragonFist777's Most Recent Post

A Collective, A Directory & A Brute

Posted Aug 09, 2012
Links to a blog with articles about illustration, a comic art link directory and free pdf downloads of Bart Sear's Drawing Powerful Comics.


IsoRod's Most Recent Post

Dr. Nod's Orbit #5

Posted Feb 28, 2015
Who were the men in lab with Dr. Nod? Find out in this installment of Dr. Nod's Orbit.


IsoWeb's Most Recent Post

Updates for June 2014

Posted Jun 23, 2014
New Thrillbent Comic Archive page and a preview of Bluejay and The RUSH #1.


Jpinlac's Most Recent Post

Reveiw: Dredd 3D

Posted Oct 07, 2012
Dredd 3D is much more faithful adaptation of the Judge Dredd comics, is it still guilty of being a crime against the comic its based on?


RJE's Most Recent Post

Heads: Pens and Pencils

Posted Jun 21, 2013
Gallery of head shots in Pen and pencil all of the images in the gallery were created in one 15 minutes period. is a blog and web resource page. Email if you have any feedback.

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