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Surprises of 2014
Posted by IsoRod, Dec 31, 2014
This is being written a lot later than I would of like but here are the big surprises of 2014 for me anyway. What were some of the new or events that surprised you in the world of movies, comics or speculative fiction? Please leave yours in the comme...

Why you need Editors!
Posted by IsoRod, Nov 09, 2014

Late July after finishing the lettering of Bluejay and The RUSH #1, I created a final draft PDF of the book for editing. This is after spending three days of self editing dialogue and catching what mistakes I could on my ...

Updates for June 2014
Posted by IsoWeb, Jun 23, 2014
I was a bit over zealous with creating the archive page. This statement I wrote, "I have created an archive page of all the comics I have embedded on this site," kinds of defeats the purpose of the subscription model so I have taken it down. The con...

Updates for May 2014
Posted by IsoWeb, May 07, 2014
Valentine opens the portal. Was it a good idea? Now that the portal to the home of the creatures of fantasy is open what will it mean for Valentine? Could this be the end of the war with the fantasy and nightmare creatures with one side going home? T...

Updates for April 2014
Posted by IsoWeb, Apr 22, 2014
Why is good to have an alien as your friend? Well, Miranda and Martin, the locker thief, can give you an idea of the upsides to that relationship. New tech and homecoming dance king/queen candidates are some of the things covered in this week's Alber... is a blog and web resource page. Email if you have any feedback.

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