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Why you need Editors!
Posted by IsoRod, Nov 09, 2014

Late July after finishing the lettering of Bluejay and The RUSH #1, I created a final draft PDF of the book for editing. This is after spending three days of self editing dialogue and catching what mistakes I could on my ...

Digital Art Tips: Will Power Banner
Posted by IsoRod, Oct 31, 2013
When creating a piece you may need to reference the artwork for the shape of a ship or color scheme of a character.
In creating this piece I was using a the climax of the battle in issue 5 for inspiration. I chose to render the scene in a different ...

Jim Lee's Lesson in Storytelling:Context
Posted by IsoRod, Sep 10, 2013
There has been an issue with DC Comics new contest to have aspiring artists draw a four panel page with Harley Quinn trying to comically end her life. The fourth panel of the page is a scene that calls ...

Rush Minis Process Part 2
Posted by IsoRod, Mar 11, 2013

Original story concept was that Cardinal found the box and called Bluejay, Leopard and Slade for backup. Bluejay felt it was a waste of time and a overreaction on Cardinal's part. All Bluejay really wants to do is go out patrollin...

RUSH Mini Process Part 1
Posted by IsoRod, Feb 20, 2013

I had drawn a super-deformed or minified version of Bluejay and Leopard a few months ago. At the end of the year I wanted to put out a post updating some of the information on previous articles, I wanted to create a bann... is a blog and web resource page. Email if you have any feedback.

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