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Free fonts, Font creator and Lettering
Posted by IsoRod, Jun 24, 2014

If you are an independent comic book creator or small independent comic company here is a great site for...

Resources: DeviantArt References
Posted by IsoRod, Dec 09, 2013
DeviantArt has amazing reference images available for artist. These images are of the quality you would find in books like Comic Artist's Photo Reference - People & Poses, which can be found on Here are the links to some of the great refe...

Writing Her,Him and Ethnicity
Posted by IsoRod, Sep 13, 2013
Denise Ganley,a writer and a fellow member of the SuperMOOC: Gender Through Comic Books Group on Facebook, provide 3 amazing links to help with writing characters. When writing characters of...

Resources: All About Perspective
Posted by IsoRod, Jul 15, 2013
All of the resources on this post are dealing with perspective. Two really amazing youTube videos and an indispensible free perspective software from Epic Games and digital tool for Adobe Photoshop to aid in creating a perspective grid by comic book ...

Bitstrips, iMadeface & koizu's channel
Posted by IsoRod, Jun 04, 2013 a free website that allows anyone to create a comic. The site has a very extensive character creator and provides many backdrops for user to add t... is a blog and web resource page. Email if you have any feedback.

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