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Captain America:The Winter Soldier
Posted by IsoRod, Apr 09, 2014

The story continues with Steve Rogers, Captain America(Chris Evans) acclimating himself to life in the present day. Since the Battle of New York, Captain America is a level six operative for SHIELD and has been on many missions for...

The Brotherhood of the Fringe
Posted by IsoRod, Mar 07, 2014
The Brotherhood of the Fringe is by N Steven Harris is a comic industry veteran with over twenty years working the comic book industry. The book was originally called "The Fringe" and was ...

Review - Thor:The Dark World
Posted by IsoRod, Nov 26, 2013

Thor must stop the Dark Elves from corrupting the nine realms with 'The Aether'. A weapon long thought sealed away but is now inhabiting the body of the astrophysicist, Jane Foster, Thor's human love. Thor must find a way to save J...

Review: The Legend of Will Power #1 - 5
Posted by IsoRod, Nov 06, 2013

Vince White's The Legend of Will Power an independent comic distributed as part of the Primal Paper imprint. The fifth of the six issues of origin story arc o...

Review: The Flyers and The Crawlers
Posted by IsoRod, Nov 01, 2013

The story, The Flyers and The Crawlers is written by P.B. Jeffrey and illustrated by Nicoletta G. Fazio. For full disclosure, P.B. is my wife's cousin and they grew up together like sisters. The story deals with bullying one of the... is a blog and web resource page. Email if you have any feedback.

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