Is a Facebook group created to showcase animation that support and promote indie creators work. You have an animated trailer of your comic or project, hottest must see motion comic, animated educational video teaching kids, the next great animated Saturday morning cartoon kids will be talking about for the next 30 years, this is the group for you.We also he to help other want to learn how to make motion comics and animated content or get in contact with someone to create it for you.

RUSH 2 Motion Cover

Bluejay and The RUSH #2 Motion Cover.Art by Ralph Jean-Etienne. Music- Naraina Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Argo5 Motion Cover Issue 29

ICAS - Bonus Animated Content (BAC) Dan Sehn's Argo 5 Issue 29. Cover art by Antonio Luis Antipus. Music: "The Descent" by Kevin MacLeod.


Enigma Motion Comic Promo

Kimberly Moseberry's Enigma, this is the second episode of the Indie Creators Animated Showcase (ICAS).


The Brother - Therapy MC pt1

ICAS 23 Jay Kelley's The Brother in a story he wrote called Therapy with amazing artwork by Henry Wilson.


Realmer X MC pt1

Damion Waldburn's Realmer X short story collaboration is now animated. The 3rd episode of ICAS.


Me'cha Motion Comic Chp 1-1

Ahmad Kumasi' Me'cha. Art and story by Ahmad. The tenth episode of Indie Creators Animated Showcase.